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Digitalizing the logistics industry

Upaya City Cargo is an online logistics company operating in various cities of Nepal. We are an innovative tech platform that delivers quality logistics solutions with a commitment to transforming the way things move in Nepal.

Every individual and business is moving forward with the help of digital transformation. Our country is also moving forward with the vision of a Digital Nepal. We are here to change the logistics industry by providing a tech platform and making the life of every individual and business convenient.

MESSAGE FROM Managing Director

Suman Rayamajhi

We are in the making of a simple dream. A dream that allows any Nepali or a Nepali company to transfer or send any item or goods to any place in this country from their finger tips. This transfer of the goods will be transparent, convenient and affordable with Upaya becoming the first End to End (E2E) Logistics company of the country. Upaya has a vision to be a logistics backbone of Digital Nepal and we want to achieve it using innovative and collaborative technology and building a team that is combination of young minds guided by experienced hands. The growth that Upaya is envisaging entails uplifting of the overall logistics industry of Nepal and also being mindful of gender and social inclusion, environmental impact and transformation of the lifestyle of our delivery and business partners.


Ranjeev Shrestha

We started Upaya in late 2018 as an ideology to facilitate public services in efficient and easy way. We always thought of making it something big and impactful and today, we feel really proud that the picture is coming into shape as we aspire to become the leading tech-enabled end-to-end logistics solutions provider. Making it big does not only mean to create high business valuations. We are creating ‘values’ not only for us and our investors, but we are creating values for all the stakeholders including our employees, customers, driver & rider partners and the society impactfully. We are seriously focused on employment generation, digital and financial literacy, inclusivity, environment and governance. Upaya is here to deliver, not only goods, but also the dreams and aspirations.


Digitalizing the Logistics Industry

  • Our Mission

    Upaya CityCargo is an innovative tech platform that delivers quality logistics solutions with a commitment to transform the way things move in Nepal.

  • Our Vision

    “To Become the Logistics Backbone of Digital Nepal.”

  • Our Values

    • Commitment to customers and trust: Building trust towards customers by fulfilling the commitments provided when delivering.
    • Respect: We believe in facilitating equal rights to all the partners involved through respect.
    • Accountability: Assurance to be accountable for all the responsibilities given to us.
    • Innovation: Creating logistics newness in the digital world.
    • Quality: Guarantee to provide the best delivery service.


Best Startup of the Year 2021

Upaya CityCargo bagged the ‘Best Startup of the Year 2021' award during the “Kumari Bank NewBiz Startup Summit & Awards 2021” organized by New Business Age Pvt Ltd, the publisher of Aarthik Abhiyan daily and New Business Age magazine.


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