Mero Upaya

A customized logistics solution for your needs

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Mero Upaya

Mero Upaya is one of the services of Upaya which has been made especially for clients who have custom requirements that are beyond the scope of the standard services we offer. We create a customized solution as per your requirements and move forward with a contractual agreement. You also get your own dashboard in order to keep track of all the vehicles. With Mero Upaya, you can pass on all of your logistics hassles and focus on your core business.

Why Mero Upaya? 

Customized Service

If you have custom requirements, Mero Upaya offers the ability to create a customized agreement where your needs are met the way you have imagined it. 

We take care of all your logistics hassles

Mero Upaya enables you to outsource your logistics completely to us, allowing you to focus on growing your business. There will be no need to invest in costly in-house operations or the need to manage the logistics. All of it will be taken care of by Upaya giving you a complete visibility of your vehicles along with the tracking system. 

Long-term partnership

Mero Upaya enables you to form a long-term partnership to ensure reliable logistics services for your needs.

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